About Us

Quantic Eulex develops innovative, high-performance and ceramic components for the most demanding high-frequency microwave, millimeter-wave and 5G applications. Our solutions deliver design advantages through small-footprint, low-profile packaging, and a wide voltage range, fully tested up to 50Ghz with a roadmap planned from 6.5 to 100 GHz. The reliability of Quantic Eulex capacitors is well-established, at temperatures ranging from –55 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Proud Member of the Quantic™ Electronics Family

Quantic™ Electronics, an electronic component company, is a trusted partner in military, aerospace, industrial, and commercial markets with over a century of combined experience as a reliable problem-solver. Being a part of Quantic’s portfolio has allowed Quantic Eulex to continue developing cutting edge capacitor technology, alongside other world-class technology companies that represent the future of mission-critical electronics. Watch the Quantic overview video to learn more about us and all our sister companies.